the ogre

Plastazote Ogre

The ogre was created for a production of Puss in Boots. It was constructed to be as light as possible and was mostly made from sheets of 10mm plastazote, with an internal structure made from 8 mm airex.

Stage 1

The head and individual body shapes are sculpted in styrofoam.

Stage 2

The styrofoam shapes are completely covered in cling film and masking tape to create a thin 'shell', where there is a lot of detail the masking tape needs to be cut into very small pieces. The cling film prevents the masking tape from sticking to the form, but is also thin enough to preserve the detail of the sculpting.

Stage 3

A decision is made as to where the seams of the pattern will be, which are then drawn onto the form and the shell is cut into pieces along these lines. The pieces of pattern are removed from the original sculpt. (Make sure that they are well numbered or labelled, preferably seam to seam, as there may be many pieces. Also ensure there are some registration marks across the seams). With some additional cuts, these shapes are flattened out and a pattern is created.

Stage 4

The pattern is scanned and enlarged, in this case by 2.4 for the body and 1.7 for the head. (the detail of the head required a bigger sculpt to be able to take a pattern from it. The head and body were then scaled by different factors to match a full size, two dimensional cardboard mock up of the puppet.)

Stage 5

The enlarged shapes are cut from 10mm sheets of plastazote (8mm sheets for the head) and glued together, edge to edge, using Evo-Stik GP contact adhesive.

Stage 6

The Original Sculpted head is sliced on a bandsaw to create patterns for cross sections which are enlarged and reproduced in 8mm thick airex and assembled to create an inner support structure.

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