call of the wild

Working with students from Central School of Speech and Drama we created several cardboard dogs for a studio adaptation of Jack London's novel Call of the Wild

The dogs were constructed from cardboard. They were quite simple puppets. Sculpted cardboard heads and bodies assembled with hot glue. Each body had a length of 1x1 inch wood running down its spine to which a back handle was attached. The head has a simple aluminium armature with a handle. The head and body were linked by a short length of flexible foam.


Some tips for working with cardboard:

Keep the sculpted forms simple. We found that the best puppet heads were the ones which were not too complicated.
Keep changing scalpel blades, the cardboard blunts the blades quite quickly and you end up tearing through the cardboard.
For larger puppets which involve long stretches of glue, use a hot glue which melts at a higher temperature it will stay hot for longer giving you time to assemble the pieces.
Don't use card board that is too thick, for most puppets single wall corrugated board is strong enough. Twin wall is much more difficult to cut and is heavier. Even for larger puppets single wall is often fine, the assembled three dimensional structure will have a lot more strength than the flat sheets or individual pieces.

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