The Blind Summit Puppets site gives information on how I make the puppets we use in our shows.

It explains the processes and techniques and includes information about the materials. I have tried not to be too technical and not overly detailed - it is impossible to explain everything and if you are interested in making then the best way to learn is to get stuck in. However, I guess if you're reading this, then you have an interest in knowing more, and will probably put up with a bit of technical chat and the occasional use of words such as thixotropic and exothermic.

Site Layout

There are four sections:

The types of puppets Blind Summit uses and how I design them.

Describes how some of the different types of puppets are made.

Details some of the materials used in the process, their advantages and disadvantages.

Contains contact details for some useful sites.

Please remember...

The site is not a definitive guide to puppet making or any of the techniques it discusses. It just describes the way I have made Blind Summit puppets for a number of years and is a response peoples interest in how the puppets are made. I hope it is helpful.

Please feel free to e mail your thoughts and suggestions to

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