We make plays with puppets. Nick makes the puppets. Nick's puppets are extremely detailed and made with the utmost precision.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where do you get your ideas for your brilliant puppets?

Mark: Inspiration for a puppet can come from anywhere: An idea, a book, a commission, television, in our sleep. Once it came from a magic tree. I think.

I was sitting under a tree in Battersea Park which is near where I live and I was wondering about things and I suddenly had an idea. I must put on a play. I ran and told Nick. Nick agreed and immediately we started discussing what we should do. After six weeks we had all the ideas in place and soon we started work on the puppets and the script. Then we got a theatre and we put it on. It was a huge success and everyone thought so. Now every year we return to the tree at about the same time and thank it for the idea. In a way it represents our beginnings and the root of all our ideas. We think it must be a magic tree.

Q: Where should I get materials for making highly detailed puppets like yours?

Nick: Tiranti's.

Q: Which puppet do you think would win in an arm wrestle?

Nick: Kevin Spacey. His arms are reinforced with aluminium armature.

Q: Why did you make a three foot high puppet of Kevin Spacey?

Nick: Not sure.

Q: Do you think theatre and in particular puppetry is still relevant in the age of multiplex cinemas and widescreen interactive tv?

Mark: We don't think so...

Nick: We hope not.

Q: What do I do if I can't get a good connection to your useful and informative website even using the latest blue tooth technology with a mobile and I can't get to a landline phone and I have a puppetry emergency?

Nick: You can call us direct at any time. We run a 24 hour puppetry emergency helpline. Calls are charged at £1 (3 Euros) per minute for callers in the UK. We don't guarantee to be able to help, but we will sympathise.


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Kevin Spacey puppet - aluminium arms.