The brains behind Blind Summit Theatre are: Mark Down and Nick Barnes (click for biogs)

Nick Barnes (on the right) is the one with the tools. He makes the puppets. He has been making puppets for a long time and is very good at it now. In this picture he is working out a three dimensional problem using only his mind and some apparatus.

Nick is a theatre designer who became interested in puppetry at college. He began incorporating puppets into his theatre designs whereever possible and has gained quite a reputation for his work. He is a fine and detailed craftsman and his puppets are beautifully made. He is constantly experimenting with different styles and methods of construction, but his very realistic, three man operated puppets, inspired by Japanese Bunraku, are a Blind Summit trademark.

Blind Summit People

Blind Summit Puppets


Mark Down (on the left) is the real brains behind Blind Summit Theatre. It is his extraordinary vision which enables him to see quite small things from quite far away, although he has to wear spectacles to drive at night. In this photo we can see him devising some theatre, using science.

Mark is a doctor of medicine who became an actor and then an actor and puppeteer. He writes and performs stand up and character comedy, and is currently interested in developing a script to include puppets. The puppets add an absurd and soulful dimension to the work.

A methodical approach:

We approach our work scientifically. That is why we wear white coats. We also have some good work trousers with kneepads from Sweden. And sometimes we wear protective goggles.

We work as equal devising partners in a specially created rehearsal area with specifically designed puppets in an attempt to create an entirely new kind of theatre that has never been seen outside... erm .. .er


In fact we would never have got anywhere probably if we hadn't discovered the formula for puppetry.

The formula for puppetry is:

k = X+ Y (6h' x J) / X

(Actually we were given it - you may download and use this formula. If you find it useful please donate a sum of money to Blind Summit, we are only puppeteers and have no idea how to make money. Enjoy!)